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  • Online and in-home pediatric speech therapy

    The power of private speech therapy through telepractice and in-home visits.

    E-Integrated SLP Services
  • SLP using laptop for online Speech Therapy with adult

    We provide a client-centered approach for pediatrics and adults.

    E-Integrated SLP Services
  • SLP training for school and healthcare workers on swallowing disorders

    E-Integrated SLP Services
  • SLP speech therapis working with a hospital doctor

    Partnering with healthcare settings.

    E-Integrated SLP Services

Our goal is to facilitate and provide speech-language pathology services in order for our clients to obtain a sense of empowerment and a richer quality of life.

E-Integrated SLP Services

Why Online Speech Therapy?

The Convenience Factor.

This therapy approach eliminates travel, creates flexibility with scheduling, and provides you with a comfortable and familiar environment.

Simply Stated: It works!

Studies show telehealth delivered speech therapy can be as effective as the traditional in-person approach.

Connect with us during a free 20-minute consultation.

Speech Therapist conducting online therapy with an adult woman.

Our Client-Centered Approach to Speech-Langauge Pathology

We make each client’s plan of care very specific to their wants and needs in order to achieve success and enhance their quality of life.






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E-Integrated SLP Services offers a mobile clinic and telepractice services. It all starts with a free consultation.