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What we do

E-Integrated SLP Services offers online and in-person speech therapy.

These options eliminate the need for commuting and allows the client opportunity to receive speech therapy in the comfort of their school or home setting.

As a parent and caretaker, I can relate and empathize with those moments of despair, exhaustion, and most of all, the fear of failing a loved one.  But, in reality, they are not failed.  We are simply instilling hope and providing opportunity for success.

Michelle Mares


Client-Centered Approach

Austin SLP Services
Our client-centered approach is designed to make each client’s plan of care very specific to their wants and needs in order to achieve success and enhance their quality of life.

Pediatric Services

Speech and Language Delays/Disorders, Voice Therapy, Phonological Disorders, Feeding, Stuttering and Fluency

Adult SLP Services

Adult Services

Speech, Dysphagia (Swallowing Disorders), Receptive-Expressive Language, Cognition, Communication, and Voice Services

Corporate Consultation Services

Child Development, Oral Care, Dysphagia, Dietary, and Memory Care