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Insight on traumatic brain injuries and how to bounce back with speech therapy

Life Changing Moments

In November 2017, a mother dropped off her children at school and proceeded to drive to a hair appointment. While traveling on a busy 2-lane highway, she suddenly saw a green truck heading straight toward her. Without a second to respond, the truck, which ran a red light, hit her vehicle head on. In those few moments, she saw the impact of the two vehicles, her children’s faces, and a large utility pole. Thinking she was dying, she prayed for God to protect her.

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Why Speech Therapy?

When people think of speech therapy, they often associate it with a personal history. Maybe their child, parent, family member, or friend received speech therapy at some point in their lives. Based off their experiences, they tend to have an idea of the services provided by speech-language pathologists (SLP); however, they do not truly realize the broad scope of this practice.

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