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In-Home and Online Speech Therapy

Why In-Home and Online Speech Therapy?

As a speech language pathologist, I am constantly thinking of ways to help others.   When I first began my practice, my goal was to provide affordable, quality services to clients while lessening the stress of travel for patients, parents, and family members. In essence, bringing speech therapy to you!  In home and online speech therapy provides a convenient, personalized, and client-centered appproach to the patient.

In doing so, our mission is to provide the necessary tools for others to succeed within their home and community environments. Providing ongoing education, teaching carryover activities in real time, and making the speech therapy sessions functional in nature are the keys to making this happen. In-home and telehealth speech therapy does just this!

It paves the way for clients to integrate speech therapy into their daily activities and routines.  This effectively improves their skills in a compfortable place that works for them. It also allows for families and caretakers to participate in the process.  This makes it all the more functional for the client and the family dynamic as a whole.

How is in-home or telehealth speech therapy sessions beneficial to you?

Comforts of Home

Clients have quality and functional therapy in the comfort of their own home.  Online and in-home speech therapy brings the convenience factor, and it is undeniable.  For those choosing to participate in telehealth, the only difference is the location of the therapist. No matter the reason for the visit, you and the speech therapist are still face-to-face. The use of technology does not change the interaction because speech therapy is just as effective as if the therapist is physically present in your home.

Customized and Client Focused

The client’s plan of care is individually customized, taking away the feeling of “just being a number.” When working with a client in their own home or via telehealth, the visit consists of the therapist and the client.  There is no more sharing the therapist and working along side other patients while receiving unfocused, generalized care. Simply put, in-home and telehealth places the focus on you.

Time Saver

In-home or telehealth speech therapy sessions decreases preparation time, alleviates the stress of travel, eliminates sitting in a waiting room, and allows for flexibility within your busy schedule. There is no more hurrying out the door with the kids, battling traffic, or worrying about making it to work in time.  All of those precious minutes add up and can be used toward more important things, like family time.

Creates Partnership

As the saying goes, there is no “I” in TEAM. In-home and telehealth drive this philosophy home by encouraging family members to participate in the treatment sessions. When this partnership is coupled with a familiar environment such as the home or school, the client’s stress and separation anxiety are greatly reduced allowing for the creation of a bond with the therapist. All of this translates into successful therapy sessions and improved growth, whether a child or adult.  Many adult clients do not have family or caregivers join in their sessions; however, upon the approval of the client or power of attorney, the therapist can provide feedback via a telephone conversation.

Promotes On-going Growth

Total transparency in the sessions and ongoing education is provided, allowing for carryover into the home, school, and community environments. In addition, family members and caretakers have the opportunity to learn hands-on strategies and how to implement those strategies into the client’s daily routines.

With an initial and extensive report, the client and/or family have the ability to “watch” their goals being met starting at the client’s baseline.

Is in-home speech therapy safe during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Safety of our clients always comes first! Our speech-language pathologists understand the importance of following the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and the use of standard precautions during Covid-19.

This includes temperature checks of the therapist, clients, and others present during the session as well as wearing masks with a clear view the therapist’s mouth for pediatric visits, a variety of medical masks/face shields, and gloves. Other personal protective equipment is available when needed.

What are the next steps?

Our company covers a wide spectrum of patients from newborn to elderly, so we are not limited in scope.   Simply reach out to us if you or your loved one has a speech related disorder.   Do they demonstrate difficulty with speech and language delay, phonological disorders, feeding, stuttering and fluency disorders, voice disorders, speech and articulation disorders, swallowing disorders, receptive-expressive language delay, or cognitive deficits?

About our website:

Read about our lead speech-language pathologist, why and how E-Integrated SLP Services was started, the services we provide, and testimonials from current and past clients as well as medical professionals. You will also find free online resources and educational videos.

Michelle Mares

Michelle Mares

I am credentialed through American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and hold certifications in LVST (Big andLoud), Vital Stim, and E-Stim. Upcoming certifications to include Hanen, for my pediatric clients and their families, and Speak Out & Loud individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

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